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Looking for a white label saas to resell or integrate with your company? can be licensed to be integrated as a white label software into existing systems.

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Our Inbox Solution, Your Logo and colors!

Whether you are a saas white label reseller or a business owner that wants to use our solution internally, we give you full control over the branding! enables you to use the domain, logo, and colors that your clients and team are used to!

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getchat White Label Saas reseller program
getchat white label saas reseller program value added reselling WhatsApp Business Api

Value-added reselling with’s white label saas reseller program.

With’s white label reseller opportunities, you can customize our platform, integrate it with your services, then set your own prices while pocketing the profit.

Our shared inbox solution is scalable and it can be incorporated with third-party solutions, then sold as a bundle by a business software reseller for a higher price.
Our platform’s backend remains unchanged and it is always supported and maintained by our team. However, Even though remains the supplier behind the curtains, from the standpoint of your clients, you are their provider.

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White label chat solution for businesses and Enterprises

Our white label solution isn’t exclusive to saas resellers, but it can be incorporated into your business as an internal team inbox solution for your employees and clients. If you have a company and you are looking for a White label chat software that is based on the WhatsApp Business API, we have a solution that might suit you!

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Integrations with’s WhatsApp Shared team inbox

Our white label WhatsApp team inbox unlocks multiple connections and integrations including:

  • Integrating WhatsApp business with your Chatbot
  • Integrating WhatsApp with your support and Ticket system
  • Integrating WhatsApp with your CRM system (Hubspot, Pipedrive)
  • More application integrations through Zapier
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getchat White label Saas WhatSapp team inbox solution WhatsApp Business API

A fully customizable white label saas platform

Our platform was designed to provide full flexibility in order to customize it to the needs of enterprises, resellers, and third-party systems. This is what you can get:

  • Hosted WhatsApp Chat Solution
  • Open Source Frontend SDK to integrate seamlessly into existing solutions
  • Special rates for WhatsApp API access (provided by 360dialog)
  • Hosting wherever it suits you (GDPR compliant)
  • Multiple integrations (Hubspot, Zapier, Jira, Google Contacts, Google Drive, several more to be available soon)

Our documentation inclusive frontend SDK is available here:

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Developer's guide’s white label saas solution was designed to provide full flexibility in order to customize it to your needs or integrate it with third party systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is value-added reselling?

Value-added reselling is simply the process, of adding features or valuable services to an existing product or service, and reselling it as a bundle or an integrated product. This can also be achieved by integrating multiple solutions and selling them as a bundle that is ready to use.

In the case of White Label Saas, value-added reselling can be achieved by integrating the latter with other applications that leverage it and reselling them as an application that is fully integrated and ready to use.

Can the White Label SaaS program be considered as a referral/Affiliate program?

Not quite, the White label saas partnership means that you can use our solution while implementing your brand guidelines, domain, hosting, bundling, pricing, and marketing plan. On the other hand, being an affiliate with means that you can refer new customers for us in return for a percentage of the monthly subscription. 

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate with, please make sure to reach out to us at

What is the difference between’s web inbox solution and the White Label saas program?

Subscribing to one of our plans to use’s WhatsApp web inbox allows you to make use of our inbox solution/Chat interface and all of its perks and integrations for business communication purposes. However, it doesn’t allow you to change the branding or to resell our solution.

With the White Label Saas program, you have more freedom with customizing the branding, and you can resell our solution to make profit. But of course, this White Label program comes with additional costs.

What are the price plans? And how easy is it to customize the branding and colors?

The pricing depends on the size of the company and the number of resources and contacts that are going to be used. Also, we are constantly working on developing and improving our White Label Saas solution so it becomes easily customizable. Please reach out to us through the form or by email at to get the latest updates on our prices and development.