Automation Made Easy with’s WhatsApp+Zapier Integration

With our Whatsapp Zapier Integration, you can simply create Zaps and connect apps! No coding or development skills are required! Now you can easily integrate your WhatsApp Business API with another application of your choice, and automate workflows.

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Integrate WhatsApp and Zapier with's Team Inbox. makes it possible for you to integrate WhatsApp with a wide range of applications using and Zapier. acts as an extension of the Whatsapp Business API (WABA).

Our software is a WhatsApp team inbox that can be accessed by different employees and through multiple devices. In addition to that, gives you the opportunity to integrate your WhatsApp inbox with multiple third-party solutions.

Zapier happens to be one of these third-party tools! If you are familiar with it, you know the integration possibilities that await!

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getchat Whatsapp zapier integration Whatsapp Business API integration WhatsApp Business API

Featured Integrations through Zapier

Here are some of the Apps that can be integrated with your team inbox through’s WhatsApp+Zapier integration. You can configure this with one click on’s dashboard or create your Zap from scratch.

  • Slack
  • Pipedrive
  • Gmail
  • Hubspot
  • Jira Service Management
  • AmoCRM
  • Intercom
  • Close Contacts
Get Started

Set up your integration in 3 Simple Steps

1- Connect your apps
getchat Zapier Integration step 1 connect your app WhatsApp Business API

Sign-up to your account and another app of your choice to connect them to Zapier

2- Set up the Zap
step 2 set up your zap 1 WhatsApp Business API

Choose which information should be shared between and your chosen app

3- Switch the Zap toggle on!
Zpier WhatsApp integration step 3 connect your app 1 WhatsApp Business API

For every selected trigger or event on, an action will take place on the integrated app.

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Don't let any lead from WhatsApp slip away!

Lead tracking on WhatsApp can sometimes be tricky since most CRMs and sales teams use separate platforms like HubSpot, Pipedrive, and SalesForce to manage these. And with the manual import of contacts, you leave room for human error and some leads might get left behind.

With the WhatsApp Zapier integration you can rest assured that whenever clients message you on WhatsApp, their contact info is automatically stored in your CRM system!

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Retain clients and reduce costs

Don’t keep your clients waiting!

Sometimes, support tickets come in from everywhere; Social Media, email, and WhatsApp too.  By integrating WhatsApp with your ticketing system through Zapier, your agents can receive tickets, respond to them and solve them faster. By doing so, you can engage and assist customers through WhatsApp Business while making sure that your support team is always in control.

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Get started with's WhatsApp Zapier Integration for enterprises

Frequently Asked Questions

I have the WhatsApp Business App, do I need a WhatsApp Business API to integrate Zapier?

The WhatsApp Business Application itself is very limited especially when it comes to integrations. The main purpose of this solution is to allow owners of small businesses to separate their private WhatsApp accounts from their Business accounts while offering some additional features such as away messages, greeting messages, quick replies, and labeling conversations.

For business owners who are seeking looking for integration features, WhatsApp Business API is a must. The API enables the transfer of data from one application to another which is essential for the Zapier WhatsApp Integration.

Why is needed for the WhatsApp Zapier integration?

If you are a Zapier user you’d notice that the WhatsApp application or WhatsApp Business API cannot be found among the apps that you can use to create Triggers and Actions. This is where interferes! Our software is a chat interface for the WhatsApp Business API and it also acts as an extension for it. This allows you to connect WhatsApp to Third-party applications such as Zapier.