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WhatsApp Integration API: Overcome the Business API limitations

The fact that WhatsApp Business API enables only one API connection with another platform might limit the user’s and developers’ capability to connect their WhatsApp Inbox with multiple endpoints or applications simultaneously.

For example, if you are seeking to connect your WhatsApp Inbox to a Booking system, a chatbot, and CRM system simultaneously, you might have a hard time achieving this solely with the WhatsApp Business API. To overcome this issue, we developed the Integration API which enables multiple and simultaneous connections with other applications.

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The Missing Puzzle Piece: WhatsApp Integration API

The WhatsApp integration API acts as an extension to the main WhatsApp Business API and enables users to connect their inbox with multiple apps simultaneously.

For example, let’s suppose that you want users to be greeted by a chatbot when they text you while you also want to register their contact details in your CRM and enable them to create a booking by chatting with the bot. The latter is not possible by using the WhatsApp API alone.

get.chat’s WhatsApp integration API acts as the missing puzzle piece that enables you to connect the official API with multiple applications.

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WhatsApp Integration Features

  • Simultaneous connections between WhatsApp and multiple apps
  • Multi-user access to sending and receiving of your WhatsApp Business account messages
  • Deeplinking into message threads
  • Push messages from the Business API to each app (or system) separately using a separate webhook or WebSockets
  • Push messages from each app (or system) to the Business API, preserving the information which app or system or real user (Inbox) has sent the message
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Bots & Rule Engine

Use the rule engine to determine when the conversations should be assigned to an agent or to a bot. The WhatsApp Integration API enables you to distribute webhooks among different configured recipient users. It does that by communicating with the rule engine to help you determine which message goes to which user. 

You can use your own custom Rule Engine implementation or let the inbox run a Default Rule Engine that assigns messages to users based on Message tagging. For example, you can configure the rule engine so it forwards new messages to a bot which in turn filters spam and add an “agent needed” tag to the new message.

Enable Automation

User-Friendly Interface

Some of the integrations such as HubSpot, Google contacts, and Zapier can be managed through the plugins section in the Admin panel of the Web Inbox or through your account’s dashboard.  These integrations can be created with a few clicks through our user-friendly front-end interface.

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Message storage

Each WhatsApp number has its own dedicated database with a threshold of 1.5 million messages. In addition to that, a search index for up to 1.5 million messages is included, so you can search for up to 1.5 million messages. No external search index solution is needed unless you need a search function for more than 1.5 million messages.

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