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Do you think that you have the Marketing and customer support capabilities to spread the word about our solution and provide it to your clients or a new potential market? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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What are the benefits of the partnership program?

The partnership program enables you to access features that aren’t available to other types of clients. Here are the features of the partnership program:

  • Add your custom name
  • Add your custom logo
  • Limit the maximum number of user agents that can be used
  • Limit the maximum number of messages to be stored in the inbox
  • Set limits on App notifications
  • Connect your customers’ 360dialog account
  • Use your 360dialog partner account to connect with the Templates API
Become a Partner partnership program. become a partner with get WhatsApp Business API

Are you a good fit?

Our partner program is designed specifically for businesses that want to use our solution internally but on a bigger scale, and businesses that want to add WhatsApp to their offering and can help leverage our solution before providing it to their clients.

Developers and Software Vendors
get WhatsApp Business API

You are a business that sells software and wants to add WhatsApp to your offering, or you are a business that wants to customize and use it internally 

Customer Support
getchat partnership program become a partner customer support 1 WhatsApp Business API

You have the resources and capability to provide support for your end clients based on’s guidance and documentation.  

Reselling and Marketing
getchat partnership program become a partner marketing and translation 1 WhatsApp Business API

You have the marketing, development capability, and resources to translate our Web Inbox solution and provide it to new markets. Partner API

The Partner API enables you to automatically deploy a messaging stack on behalf of your clients. Each stack is connected to a WhatsApp Business API account which enables:

getchat Whatsapp team inbox solution Whatsapp Business API WhatsApp Business API

1. Access to’s conversation API

This API enables high-level messaging features that are not provided natively by the WhatsApp Business API such as:

  • Conversation management
  • Chat tagging and assignments
  • Multiple users/groups
  • Rule engine settings
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2. Access to our conversation UI

Use every feature available on the Conversation API through a front-end web application that has been open-sourced. By doing so, everything can be fully customized and branded as you want.

Become a Partner
WhatsApp Team Inbox
getchat apk Team inbox for WhatsApp Partner API WhatsApp Business API

3. Conversation App SDK

Enjoy our Conversation UI features both on iOs and Android. We will be providing a whole set of components to add conversation capabilities to your mobile applications.

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4. WhatsApp Business API through an official BSP

We are currently working only with 360dialog, the most reliable and fastest-growing BSP, to onboard our partner’s customers on WhatsApp. If you are not a 360dialog partner, you can ask your customers to create an account directly with 360dialog at 49$/month which includes access to several products from our offering.

It can also be more cost-effective for you to become a partner with 360dialog. By doing so you will be able to charge your client the amount that you consider appropriate for your market. And you will get a discounted price that can go down up to a 70% with 1-2 year commitments.

Become a Partner
WhatsApp Business API 360dialog 1 2 WhatsApp Business API

Join our early Partner Beta Program!

We are working on developing all the necessary tools to enable our partners to incorporate WhatsApp with their product offers.