WhatsApp Bulk Sender: Send thousands of marketing messages to prospects

get.chat’s team inbox is a powerful WhatsApp Bulk sender through which businesses can send up to 10,000 messages to a list of contacts. Powered by the WhatsApp API, the platform offers a user-friendly way to send bulk messages to a list of contacts registered within the software or a CSV sheet that is exported from the business’s CRM.

WhatsApp Bulk sender

100% commerce policy compliant and intuitive WhatsApp bulk sender

get.chat is powered by the Official WhatsApp Business API and guarantees the delivery of bulk WhatsApp messages as long as the business complies with the WhatsApp commerce policy and is not sending spam and unsolicited messages.

Other WhatsApp bulk messaging solutions may be illegitimate and can result in your number getting banned from the use of WhatsApp.

Moreover, get.chat offers a user-friendly interface through which businesses can send bulk messages with a few clicks without coding or the need to develop software. Here’s how it can be done

How get.chat's WhatsApp bulk sender works

To start, we have prepared a 1-minute video tutorial that walks you through the process.

WhatsApp bulk messages | 1min tutorial

The WhatsApp bulk messaging feature in the get.chat team inbox empowers businesses to reach a large number of recipients effortlessly. Users can leverage this tool to send messages to up to 10,000 recipients or 1,000 direct recipient tags at once.

Here are the steps to broadcast WhatsApp messages to up to 10000 contacts or 1000 user tags:

  1. Log in to your get.chat WhatsApp team inbox
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the bulk send icon
  3. If your contacts are in a sheet, make sure to save that sheet as .CSV and select the option “Bulk send template with CSV” from the drop-down
  4. Select your template message, and fill in the available variables (if any)
  5. Click on bulk send, and then upload your CSV sheet
  6. Make sure that the data looks accurate in the preview
  7. Select the column that contains the phone number
  8.  Under ” Select the type of recipient”, choose “Phone number”
  9.  The inbox will display a preview of the phone number to which the bulk message will be sent
  10. Click on done!

get.chat's WhatsApp bulk sender requirements:

  • WhatsApp Business API Key from 360dialog
  • get.chat account (free with the API from 360dialog)
  • .CSV contact list with up to 10,000 contacts (Optional)

Rich Media and Interactive WhatsApp Messages

The bulk messaging feature is not limited to plain text messages. Users can create compelling template messages that include media, links, and interactive buttons. This enriches the user experience, allowing for more engaging conversations with customers. Additionally, users can send voice messages for their bulk messaging campaign, adding a personal touch to their communication.

How long is the WhatsApp Template message Approval Process?

Before businesses can send marketing messages in bulk, they must get their templates approved by WhatsApp. The approval process is usually fast, but it can take up to 24hrs in some cases. Once approved, businesses can confidently use these templates to engage with their audience effectively.

WhatsApp bulk messages pricing

It’s important to understand that while voice messages are considered session messages, template messages sent in bulk fall under WhatsApp’s marketing conversation category in terms of pricing. WhatsApp’s conversation-based pricing offers businesses cost-effective options for their messaging needs. Businesses using 360dialog’s WhatsApp Business API get the Bulk WhatsApp sender form get.chat for free and can send high-volume messages without any additional charges per message.

WhatsApp Bulk messaging automation

To further enhance the efficiency of bulk messaging, businesses can automate the process through HubSpot workflows or Zapier with the get.chat integration for both platforms. This automation ensures that messages are sent at the right time and triggered by the right action, minimizing manual efforts and maximizing results.

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