How to get an inbox for the WhatsApp Business API for free?

360dialog getchat whatsapp team inbox WhatsApp Business API has partnered with 360dialog to provide a free WhatsApp Business API team inbox for businesses that subscribe to 360dialog’s API only (€49) or Professional(€99) plans.

This post lists all the prerequisites and required steps for businesses looking to get the free Inbox from and 360dialog.


Before you sign up to or 360dialog, please ensure you meet all the listed requirements. To get access to the free team inbox from, you first need access to the WhatsApp Business API from 360dialog. That’s because the team inbox is a front-end interface to the WhatsApp Business API and can’t run without it.

Requirements to access the WhatsApp Business API from 360dialog
  • A valid phone number that your business owns
  • The phone number isn’t connected to another WhatsApp account. You have to delete your account from the account settings in your application
  • The number can receive an international phone call or SMS during registration
  • You have a Meta Business Manager account with admin access. You can also create one during the signup
  • Your business complies with the WhatsApp Business Policy

How to get the WhatsApp Business API from 360dialog?

To get access to the WhatsApp Business API from 360dialog follow these steps

1. Sign-up to the 360dialog hub and select your payment plan.

Click on this link to fill the form in the screenshot below. and make sure to fill-in all the information that is relevant to your business. If you want more information about 360dialog’s pricing you can follow this link. 

WhatsApp Business API signup form 360dialog

Currently, is free with both the €49 and €99 plan from 360dialog. Please be aware that on top of the Hosting costs (€49 or €99), WhatsApp charges per conversation after the business surpasses the 1000 free conversations threshold per month. You can read more about conversation pricing in the WhatsApp documentation.

2. complete the Facebook sign-up

After you fill in your information in the form from the link above, you’ll be asked to continue the signup process with your Facebook business account. Make sure you have admin access and follow the steps in the video below, which covers the whole process.

3. Generate an API key

As seen in the video above, in the last step you can login to your account in and generate the API key that you’ll use to get your free team inbox later. Make sure to copy the key and store it somewhere safe.

API key 360dialog WhatsApp Business API
5. Connect the WhatsApp Business API to the team inbox

Now that you have generated the API key in the 360dialog hub and stored it for the inbox, you should have everything needed to get access to the WhatsApp team inbox from 

You can connect to the WhatsApp Business API in 2 ways:
Option 1: Sign-up to

You can click on this link to sign up to and ensure you fill in all the information relevant to your business. After signing up. You’ll receive an email to confirm your signup, and you’ll be able to login into your account

getchat signup WhatsApp Business API
Option 2: Set up the inbox in the 360dialog Hub

Alternatively you can connect your WhatsApp Business API to’s team inbox through your account on . You can refer to the 360dialog documentation about connecting to learn more about this process.

360dialog getchat whatsapp team inbox WhatsApp Business API

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