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By integrating HubSpot and WhatsApp through you can register contacts, record messages as timeline events, and respond to WhatsApp messages on HubSpot.

How it Works

HubSpot and WhatsApp integration | 1 min Demo

Here's a sample of what you can achieve with's HubSpot and WhatsApp integration . This quick demonstration shows all the features which include: registering WhatsApp contacts in HubSpot, sending WhatsApp messages through the direct chat feature, and recording messages as timeline events.

The video shows how’s HubSpot and WhatsApp integration helps you incorporate your users’ favorite messaging app with one of the most powerful cloud-based CRM.

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HubSpot is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to inbound marketing, sales, and services. It is used by many marketing and sales departments to store contact information about clients and leads, and use them for marketing or CRM purposes later:

HubSpot and WhatsApp Integration through

If you are a user of this notorious tool and it happens that you use WhatsApp to communicate with your clients, allows you to comprehensively integrate both platforms. You can read more about the features below:

Register WhatsApp contacts in HubSpot

When you integrate Hubspot and WhatsApp through, the information of customers who contact you gets automatically imported into HubSpot.  This means that when you receive a message on HubSpot, the username and phone number of the person that contacted you get automatically added to the contacts in HubSpot. From there, the contact can be assigned to a team member, it can be added to a list, or used for any other marketing purposes.

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Record messages as timeline events

HubSpot and WhatsApp timeline events get chat 1 WhatsApp Business API

When clients send WhatsApp messages to you, they get registered as timeline events under the activity tab in contact details. You and your team, even those without access to WhatsApp Inboxes, can keep track of your conversations with clients and ensure that no detail is overlooked. You’ll not miss a message from your clients thanks to’s HubSpot and WhatsApp integration.

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Send WhatsApp messages through HubSpot

HubSpot and WhatsApp chat popup get chat 1 WhatsApp Business API

Through’s HubSpot and WhatsApp integration, you can access your WhatsApp web inbox through a widget in HubSpot. This widget or “Display the Chat” button can be seen on the left side of the contact details screen. When clicked, it displays WhatsApp web inbox as a pop-up within HubSpot and anyone who has access to both can read and respond to messages.

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What is Required to integrate WhatsApp and HubSpot?

As you have seen, you can accomplish a lot by integrating HubSpot and WhatsApp. However, this integration is subject to some requirements, such as having a WhatsApp Business API and a integration API. You can find the full list of requirements below:

WhatsApp Business API requirements

  • A Facebook account 
  • Admin access to the Facebook Business account (Business should be verified by Facebook)
  • A Phone Number

HubSpot and WhatsApp Integration's requirements:

  • WhatsApp Business API Key (Included with’s subscription plan)
  • account
  • Zapier account
  • Account for any third-party tool that you want to integrate with WhatsApp

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