How to use WhatsApp Business API as a texting interface

How to use WhatsApp Business API as a texting interface with
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 If you want to integrate WhatsApp into your customer service department or use it for customer relationship management, here’s how to use WhatsApp Business API to achieve this.

What is WhatsApp Business API

While looking into the WhatsApp Business API, some business owners or managers confuse it with a frontend messaging interface such as the WhatsApp Business application while in reality, it’s not the case. The WhatsApp Business API is a programming interface that enables you to transfer data from WhatsApp such as messages, media, and contact information to another application of your choice.

What does this mean?

It simply means that WhatsApp’s API itself is not a texting application but rather a programming interface that allows you to register contacts, receive WhatsApp messages and respond to them using your own interface that is built by an internal team of developers or by a third-party provider. This opens up many doors for businesses and gives them the freedom to integrate WhatsApp with their Customer relationship management software, ticketing system, or lead generation and sales software.

How to use WhatsApp Business API WhatsApp Business API

The API therefore can be a very powerful tool for businesses that want to get the best out of WhatsApp and fully integrate it into their businesses as a way to communicate with customers and keep track of their information and messages. For example, you can configure the API so it forwards WhatsApp messages and contacts to HubSpot without having to do so manually. Or you can use the API to enable multiple agents to receive WhatsApp messages from the same WhatsApp number.

How to use WhatsApp Business API

After getting the WhatsApp Business API from a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, you can use the API token or Key to integrate WhatsApp with your own customized messaging interface. Some companies are big enough to have a development team that can create such an interface and customize it to its liking, use it internally, or even sell it as software to other companies. But if you don’t have the human resources or the coding skills, you can still get your own messaging interface from an independent software vendor like .

How to use WhatsApp Business API with

By dealing with an ISV in general and precisely you can skip the whole development or coding process and get access to a team inbox, and an integration API. You can check the section and video below to learn the difference between the WhatsApp Business API and’s integration API.

Here’s how both APIs Work

WhatsApp Business API and API | 2 mins explanation

This is a brief and simple explanation of the WhatsApp Business API and’s integration API and what you can achieve by having both.

As mentioned before, the WhatsApp Business API enables you to connect WhatsApp with another software of your choice. By choosing as that software not only do you get a messaging interface that is similar to WhatsApp’s, but you also give multiple agents access to the received messages and contacts, and you enable linking WhatsApp to multiple applications such as your CRM and chatbot simultaneously.

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How to use Whatsapp Business API with

Once you go through the business verification process and get your WhatsApp Business API, linking it to is as simple as creating an account with and copying and pasting the API token into the designated field. From there you get access to the web inbox that can be accessed by you and any other agents who are given access to it. In addition to that, you can easily set up integrations between WhatsApp and other applications such as HubSpot or configure automation flows through the dashboard. You can read more about the features in the next section.

I'm intrested’s features

Team Inbox’s team inbox is a UI that lets multiple users ( five or more) access the WhatsApp inbox of the Business number through multiple devices.

As with WhatsApp Web, it enables users to send messages, attachments, Voice Notes, template messages, and saved responses from templates. 

You can also assign chats to different users or groups and add tags to conversations.

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HubSpot Integration

HubSpot and WhatsApp Integration through

This feature allows you to set up in-app notifications for incoming WhatsApp notifications. In addition to that, you can read and reply to messages sent through WhatsApp within HubSpot.

All you have to do is click on the “Display the Chat” button to access all the WhatsApp features including receiving and sending messages, voice notes, templates, and attachments.

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Zapier Integration

Integrate WhatsApp with HubSpot through the Zapier and get steps

 In Zapier, an Action is a specific event that happens after the trigger event you specified occurs. In our case, we want a contact to be created in HubSpot every time a message is received. Therefore in our case creating a contact in HubSpot is the action. Here’s how to set up the action:

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